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A summary of my first Silent Hills P.T. Playthrough.


Here I was thinking that the solution to the last puzzle in PT was random and the folks at The Grate Debate figured it out. Amazing!

To see the solution check out the video below (I won’t spoil the reveal in a measly news post!)

Wow! Way to go Bob! :) A lot of research went into cracking a code in a mere playable teaser… I gotta say if we can expect this amount of dedication tackling other game mysteries moving forward I’m pumped to see how TGD handles their analysis on the rest of the Silent Hill series!

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Watch this if you played/are interested in P.T./Silent Hills.



I present the new meme “spooky lady”

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Even though we’ve never said it, the truth is…you and I are friends.

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Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul

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